Good Fast Food – Egg White Omelette

Lunch. Hungry. Feed Me.

I had 3 eggs left in the pantry so I have created:

Egg White Omelette  – serves 1

3 eggs whites

50 g (a good couple handfuls) baby spinach

can lite tuna (I chose sealord tuna lite sundried tomato)

50 g cottage cheese (I chose tararua lite cottage cheese, but totally prefer the chives flavour!)

olive oil to coat the pan


rice or corn thins if you are super hungry

whip the eggs with the milk. Whip it. Whip it real good til it’s fluffy-ish.

pour in to hot, greased up fry pan. let it sit a bit until the base forms. let some of the top eggy mixture get on to the base of the pan by tilting the pan and making a bit of space at the edges.

Let that baby cook.

Throw in the spinach and let it sweat a bit. Drain the tuna if you need to and put it in there with the cottage cheese. Salt and pepper to taste

Fold it over rover there you go. Mine got a little stuck thanks to using too big of a pan, but still tasted delicious.

I am also going to be having some corn thins because I am SUPER hungry.

oh, and PS this recipe (with the corn thins) is about 280 calories.  BOOM!