Oh. My. Dog.

This is really just a gratuitous “look at my dog, she is so cute” post.


Take one Cleopatra dog.

Add sleepy human head


Place Cleopatra dog on human

Wait a few seconds until dog discovers stinky human face

Continue to take photos while human struggles

Wait for the dog to settle and start looking cute again

Then reward it with treats and love and kitty bunts, too.

I love out pets (represented by 2/3 pets)

Love from our fur baby family to yours.




Tonight, I went to Zumba, and currently I stink.

Instead of doing the videos at home tonight, I decided to rock up to the Wakefield Town Hall and embarrass myself in public.
I have got to say, it is MUCH harder than the home vids, and MUCH more fun, and a MUCH better workout.
Here is the sweaty proof.

My Favourite dance is the ‘jai ho’ one. Depending on how sore I am tomorrow, I should be back next week.

Is this not very Da Vinci? Claude is so pretty, and angry
Do you like Zumba, Claude?

(in snooty french accent)
“non, no I do net like ze zumba. And you smell, like an old bastarrrrrd”
Off to the shower with thee!