I’m back and I’m bad (or, I’m lazy and sorry)

imageThere is so much to catch up on.

Ive been thinking so much about deleting this page, starting again – afresh and all that, but then I thought no, I’ll just leave it, move on and try to make an effort to catch up on things.

so. Much. So, so much.

did you know my wee baby is 13 months?

I can’t believe my last post was in February.

I think having a wee baby and trying to write when you are sleep deprived and struggling with this new wee tiny human and trying to be everything else for everyone just got a bit overwhelming. I was really scared of getting post natal depression, and I thought for a wee bit that I was unwell. Both my mother and sister developed PND, and even had elements of psychosis. I understandably was a bit worried. I haven’t actually shared that with anyone and I guess that’s been a bit of an issue, too. I got out the other side though, so relief!

the turnaround for me was really doing the colour run, and of course for Eli to get a bit older and sleep a bit more regularly. My work was taking over, things were too chaotic, I was struggling with relationships. Things had to simplify and I just had to focus on the wee man, the family, and myself.

but, things are changing all the time here. More work, more fun with the wee man, more work on the house, trying to get it all right and all in order.

theres going to be so much to talk about in the next while, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

See you again soon!



Getting There!

I have been getting short sharp bursts of motivation to create my business. It comes and goes, but at the moment I am all for it.

As I sit in front of the computer, researching business cards, I feel a little “American Psycho”. What font? What colour? Need reminding of what i’m talking about?

So, yes..advertising. All part of the game apparently. I’m trying to get myself out there to obtain more music students, expand what i’m offering to particular groups and demographics, and yes ultimately call the shots fully so I can earn and be with my wee guy. That’s the goal anyway.

It will be interesting to see how my employment changes in the coming months. I know although i’m earning at the moment, I can earn more, spend more time at home, and do what I love, which is music.

SO many ideas!

Better get on with it!