Yellow Dresses and Sunshine

DSC_0210 DSC_0218 Copy of DSC_0222Good Evening, and Merry Christmas!

It’s been such a long time since my last post, but I have good reason for it! I have a job, and it’s been taking up a bit of time. It’s really good, and has fit into our family routine really well!

So a couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding in Blenheim. And here are some pics of me frolicking and partaking in what the region has to offer.

DSC_0153 DSC_0152 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0166 DSC_0154


What I’ve been up to Lately..

Well hi there ūüôā

It’s been a wee while since my last post, and I have been pretty busy as of late – things to do, people to see – all that jazz.

where to start….

looking real professional before the interview…


I have it! After a bit of time trawling for jobs, I finally got an interview and I begin work this week. I will be working approximately 15 hours a week, in residential homes for people with intellectual disabilities. I have met most of the residents already, and they are lovely. I really look forward to starting to form relationships with my co-workers and getting used to the way things are done in the company. I also love fact that I get to continue my music work and they have been really accommodating of my other commitments.

bbq food just about ready to nom.


Last week, my Dad (Pappy) came to visit. I should have taken more photos, really, but I was so flat out I didn’t have time. He was here for 2 nights and we sure got a lot of quality time out of it. We went for a bike ride, played tennis, had a bbq, went out for dinner, ate bakery food, went for a drive, walked on the beach….no wonder I was¬†exhausted the next few days after! We had such a fun time, and I’m glad he is able to come back up for¬†Christmas¬†in a few weeks.


I have had a break from Pilates for the last 2 weeks, and in that time my hip has been playing up (I have some issues with my RHS hip, we think it’s a hangover from the congenital hip displaysia I had when I was born – that I didn’t know I had until last year). I am really looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow, that’s for sure. I have just started the 30 Day Shred programme. Today, will be my 3rd day of level 1. So far, my arms are killing me, especially the inside of my right elbow from all the weights work. I only have 3kg weights here at home, so I think I will have to alternate with something a bit lighter, such as some cans until I get a bit stronger. I thought if I posted that I was doing the programme that I would actually continue with the programme. I have taken some gross “before photos” which I will post when I feel comfortable, so in the meantime here is the least gross one…

modest before photo, post 1st day of 30 DS, 18th November.

Cleo and her ‘auntie’ Ness – my mother in law’s dog. Spending a lot of time with these bitches lately


Apart from myself being in a bit of a crappy mood as of late (probably¬†caused¬†by not being able to eat chocolate and lose weight), things have been pretty good! We seem to go through these ebbs and flows of things being excellent, and then a bit average round these parts. Being a step parent can still be difficult , and having a teenager in the house can be trying at times, but we focus on the positives, and I am pretty darn content with the routine of our lives. Home really is here in Wellington for us. I know we live a bit far out of town, but I love it, and I feel so lucky to have our little – albeit temporary – house on the coast. We also have some exciting news. We are on a waiting list for a puppy! We have been wanting another dog for a while now, and although people tell me just to have a baby, I say now…babies take a bit of time to¬†materialize¬†sometimes, and in the meantime lets have a baby dog!

Dad – to – be of the puppies we are waiting on.


I have had a few things going on in the last few weeks socially – the latest being attending a hens party for my friend Ruth on Saturday. It was a lovely day, with high tea and games. I’m really looking forward to the wedding, and am awaiting a dress I have ordered to wear. I love getting dressed up for special occasions, and have got my shoes sorted already….behold!

These are the shoes that I wore for my wedding ceremony, and I have been dying to have another excuse to wear them. I may have to do a bit of wearing in, though…

Well, so lots and lots of stuff has been going on. It’s been great keeping myself busy – things were getting pretty mundane being stuck in a routine, and now I am sent into a tailspin with all the things that are happening.


Hope you are all well and you have a lovely week!

xx Em.

A lovely day.

On Saturday I  was absolutely thrilled to have my very very good friend in town.

Debbie is my oldest (not saying she is decrepid) friend. We have known each other since we were just 4 years old!! Here she is, looking stunning as my maid of honour at our wedding… Oh and it’s a funny photo as it looks like we are about to pash…

Hah, hubby looking away in disgust….anyway……

Debbie is such a lovely person, and I am SO lucky to call her my friend. She lives over the other side of the world at the moment, so whatever time we do have together is so special. I was very excited to hear she would be briefly in my town over this past weekend. We decided to do something MAJAH together.

After a bit of (A DELICIOUS) brunch we decided to go and get some friendship ink. Neb opted ¬†for a beautiful fantail on her ribs. Ouchies, but SO beautiful. Here is the process (Debbie wouldn’t let me take photos of her expression at the time)

            Getting the outline done looked like it was the most painful part

And the final (fresh) result…

This little guy will lighten up a bit, and more detail will show on the wings. Will have to get Debbie to send me a healed pic to update.¬†Debbie was SUCH a trooper. Ribs are incredibly painful to get tattooed, and wow she was so good and handled it amazingly. an hour or so later and she has a beautiful fantail, or as she is calling him “Pio” (short for Piowakaka, the Maori name for fantail)

So, with the theme of birds, I had been wanting to get a quail tattoo for a long time, and finally came up with an idea. Our tattoo artist Mike was able to weave his magic in to our pieces, and I am more than happy with the result. I decided to get my tattoo on my inner arm, covering a small red rune tattoo I had done years ago.

It was the biggest and longest tattoo session I have had to date. 3 hours trying to stay as still as   possible, all the while getting cramp in my shoulder.

But hey, you know what? It was SO worth it! I am in LOVE with my tattoo.

I have another wee session to go to add some white highlighting to him, but I am SO happy with it. He’s a bit scabby right at this point, but I’m sure he will be ready to flaunt his cute wee quail face sometime soon.

I was so glad to share this experience with Debbie. Now we are two birds of a feather who get to (when fate would have it happen) flock together. Friend love!

Have a wonderful day!

xx Em.


Positives/Negatives: Changing a Whinge into A Whinny!

As I first sat down to write this post I really wanted to have a vent. Lots of stuff is going on in our lives at the moment, and although I would love to spill my guts about everything, alas it is not to be. It’s not that I am totally in to keeping secrets, its just that some ¬†of the things that are going on in my head are not overly positive or important.

This is a post about letting go and changing negatives in to positives.

Negative: I screwed up a friendship

Positive: I’ve learned not what to do next time…

I tried to fix a friendship a while ago. ¬†It felt a bit like I had murdered something. I said something I regretted – which unfortunately came across as me being an insensitive bitch. ¬†That’s all i’m gonna say about that.

 Negative: I lost lots of hours at my work

Positive: I started dabbling in music tuition

For a wee while I gave myself the opportunity to wallow in my own pain. I lost financial security and a lot of self- worth. With all that free time I had acquired, I got the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time (online, on facebook), and got myself a sweet teaching deal. Out of that, I have doubled my hours and am getting paid more and working less hours.

Negative: I had to cancel a few things for our wedding

Positive: I didn’t go in to debt!

my work fell through right before our wedding. I sobbed, cancelled that appointment for my facial, and cancelled the unnecessary cupcakes for the reception. What came out of that was more personal touches at the wedding, and not a lifetime of regret through getting a bank loan!

Negative: I wanted the designer dog

Positive: I got Cleo!

I love Cleo. Although I really wanted a french bulldog, we could not afford a $3000 dog. Enter Cleo, bargain price purebred bullmastiff. Light of my life. I love her so so much I couldn’t imagine not having her around. My walks have never been the same since she came along.

Negative:Life may be changing

Positive: Life may be changing…..

My lips are sealed on this one.


The moral of this post has been…

Sometimes life is shit. sometimes you are met with annoying things. If Lana Del Rey comes on the radio, switch the station. Look for the opportunities to make things good. Allow yourself time to grieve, but get on with it. No one likes a whinger and too many people spend too much time feeling sorry for themselves. There is nothing worse that spending time with someone that complains constantly. So, stop it. Make a change and start viewing things in a positive way.


My Wedding – Part 1: finances, and making decisions

Well, I am a missus. It’s strange, but then it’s not so strange.Image

I think when you are in a relationship with someone for a while marriage doesn’t really feel that different. The only major differences that I pick up on are

– giggling when he calls me “my wife”

– trying to practice my new signature

– actually feeling like my thoughts and feelings are now shared by someone else. This is great!


Our wedding took a long time to plan and organise, and the main reason for this was MONEY.

Weddings are FUCKING EXPENSIVE! They are great though, at the same time, and the days leading up to and the day of our wedding I would not try and reimburse at all.

It was brilliant. I loved every single minute of it.

 It was completely and utterly the perfect day Рmuch more than I could imagine.

I think reflecting on it now and wanting to share things with you I can revel in the brilliancy of the day, but what I want to do is perhaps give some advice when planning, preparing, and putting together a wedding. I certainly learnt a LOT.


A wedding is just ONE day in your life, but it should be special and a reflection of your relationship. Just don’t let it take over, and make sure your partner is equally represented! Nic and I got engaged in June 2010, and pretty much from day one I started researching the wedding and the prospect of getting married. The reason for this? I was TERRIFIED of getting married. The idea of standing up and walking around in front of people terrified me, and the thought that not everyone at the wedding would be having fun scared me. So this was a resounding theme: What ever we did was not going to be a spectacle, and it was going to be FUN.


Guests’ feedback from our wedding was that it was genuine, moving, a true reflection of us, and heaps of fun. I was so SO happy when I heard people had had just as much fun as I had.

Quite by mistake, our wedding encorporated a lot of DIY, as some things did not work out. DIY is the BEST Way to save you money. Not spending $30,000 was paramount for us – that is the average cost of getting married in New Zealand these days. There are lots of things that you DO have to pay for, but given we had a destination wedding, we were both somewhat pleased that we perhaps spent $15,000 all up. Also in saying that, I did make some mistakes along the way – paying money for some things that we did not want and changed our mind (my dress, Nic’s ring). I think it is important to not go in and buy the first thing you see. Trust me, you will find something better. I managed to turn the drama of picking the wrong dress in to a positive – my bridesmaid wore the dress I have initially bought (with some clever alterations from my gran)


I am so glad we did this – she looked SO beautiful!

So, although I thought I had blown the budget (her dress cost $850), it was salvaged, and she was willing to buy the dress off me for part cost. My grandma really saved the day, as she altered the bridesmaid dress and made my dress. My grandma is 86 by the way and a total trooper. What would have cost me thousands in a store cost me a couple of hundred, with much more meaning than I could ever have dreamed for.


It is important to be realistic and responsible with your money. I’m not going to say “budget”, because I don’t think you can say “I am going to spend $1500 on ____” and then follow through with it. I know I can’t do that. Whatever is spent, is spent. Just be realistic. I found out two weeks before our wedding that I was going to experience a huge cut in my work hours and we would have no income for the summer months. this meant I cancelled some appointments (yes, you CAN do your own nails) and tightened the purse strings a little (we will take our honeymoon when we can afford to do it properly). I did not have to sacrifice a lot, because we had been paying off the venue for over a year. I highly reccommend doing this. Getting a mock invoice and chugging away at it is VERY helpful. We even did a little work at the venue, doing some painting, and that helped a little, too.

see that fence? yeah, we painted that.

Other things we saved money on:

– our friend was our photographer

– my friend was my hairdresser

– we had a few family members give us some financial gifts

– I gave myself facials and did my own nails

– I bought our chair bows

– I made our party favours

So, time is your friend. Having time to sort and source and find goods will really help. Your world will not end¬†if you can’t afford a light up dance floor. You will still look beautiful if you cancelled your appointment for eyelash extensions (yeah I did that).

So, I will keep writing about our day and whatever questions you might have. If your day is coming up or if you just want to know more, I am more than happy to help!

Keep a level head and have fun with it!



What 2012 is going to give me

Since coming back from the wedding, the husband and I have been doing a lot of thinking about what we want and how we are going to do it.

Our ultimate goal is to own a house, work permanently, raise a family and be self-sufficient at some point in time.

We know that these things are going to come to us in time, but in the meantime we are thinking about what we can do immediately to help achieve this goal.

We are in a bit of a state of disorder, what with me losing hours and Nic still not able go get a permanent position. Things in New Zealand are not the greatest at the moment, especially for primary teachers. SO, we are going to do something about it. We have about 3 plans, and we are working on which plan is going to be best for us.

It’s all exciting, but very nerve-wracking, but I know whatever we chose to do will be best for us in the long run.

So, whether it be “exciting plan”, “no-change plan”, or “re-skill” plan, I will be letting you know in due course.

Whatever it is, I am really happy knowing that I am totally and utterly supported. Oh, and here is a pic of my bling!

Happy 2012!



Our Wedding – Some Fave Pics so Far

Oh my Gawd


I said it last time. SORRY!!!

I have been so superemly busy that blogging really has had to be put on a standstill.

For the next few weeks I was planning on having some time off from this page, but I think what I can do is this.

I can talk about 3 things. Wedding, Exercise, and Production.

Is that a good comprimise?

Here is a start. I have been working really hard on putting together a production for the school I work at. It has been very stressful, but a lot of fun. It has been amazing but I have been out of my depth for a bit, but after a small breakdown I got it together and things are looking a lot sharper than a week ago.

Exercise has been pretty much taken up my spare time. I have just signed up to a bootcamp, and I am trying so hard to get fit and healthy. I have hit a bit of a plateax right now, but I am hoping that things will come right.

The wedding RSVPS are JUST about done. Our wedding is much smaller than we thought it was going to be, but I am now embracing that – even though I did just about cry last night when one of my besties e¬†mailed me¬†to stay she couldn’t come. I am so excited to see those that can come though and can’t wait to party on with them.

Nic and I have been okay, but admittedly a bit stressed. Things have been pretty hard, with the loss of Nic’s dad still affecting our lives, a grumpy teenage boy inhabiting the body of the ususally ok teenage boy in our house, and the lack of luck on the job front. Things can get pretty hard, so we are looking forward to having a night away tomorrow in Dunedin. Nothing like a bit of drinking and dancing to get things chugging along again.

Okay, so with that I am going to sit back and watch me some Jersey Shore.


Hope you all have a puppy to hug!



New Ways to Relax (Double Entendre!)

Either I am maturing, or changing or something….I have made a bit of a difference in my life.

I have really been wanting to lose some weight and shape up a bit for the wedding. I want to look back at my photos and see that I made some efforts in regards to my appearance. So, nice hair colour was applied, and I started looking after my skin a bit more (I have seriously sensitive skin and loads of allergies). I thought to myself it’s time to get rid of some of that tubbage.

So, a while ago I started a really conscious effort to lose some weight. I was feeling unhealthy, and was weighing pretty heavy for my height and age.

I began to use Noom, a programme on my phone (I blogged about it a while ago), and this has been great initially for helping me track general calories and find out exactly how many calories I am burning from exercise and how far I go. Also, at the start of last year, I made a pact with myself that I would begin regular exercise – which I realise I really thrive on!

So, with adding one more programme (my fitness pal) to my regime, and going for more regular runs and doing extra workouts in the day, I have lost 7kgs. I am 3 kg off the weight I wanted to be by January next year, and I am feeling SO good about myself. I have a way to go, and about 8kgs to go until I am at my ideal weight, but I feel good about this all, and am finding motivation in lots of places.

I have found that exercise is my new way to relax. I feel great after going for a jog, and I find I can treat myself with yummy food when I do work out. For an example of what I did exercise wise this weekend:

Saturday: 40 minute walk and 20 minute bike to the shops

Sunday: 4km run, 30 minutes mountainbiking, 1 hr Kinetic workout.

I feel good, tired, and not guilty about eating mini savouries for lunch with my Grandma!!

Here is hoping the next 7kg is just as pleasant to remove ūüôā

Loads of Love! Forgive me for lack of visuals.