Songs for my Son #1

Excuse the quality of this one!
This is a song that I sing to my wee one a lot. I love singing it. It’s a sweet one, it’s short and it’s NOT a nursery rhyme!


A But of a Ketchup

Say the above and you instantly have a NZ accent. Congratulations 🙂

I’m off sick today, so the couch, my PJ’s and I are getting acquainted.

Things have been really quite splendid lately. We have had a few good times here lately, and I am feeling very loved, very blessed, and very happy. Isn’t that a great feeling! Life is good right at this moment and things are only going to get better.

Things that make me happy right now

Booking accommodation for after our wedding – waiting for important things in the mail – dress fittings and drinking tea with my Grandmother – researching hairstyles – making secret anniversary plans – lovely e mails from friends – talking to my sisters and the building excitement of seeing them soon – finding shoes at discount prices (thank you sale!) – trying out and buying epic toning shoes – getting stuck in to running and whatever other exercise I can get my hands on – making plans for epic travel adventure (canada? UK? Ireland? Iceland!!) – cuddling the horse (dog)…and SO many other things.

Enjoy a beautiful video and song!


xx Em.

Video of the Week, Volume 1

Time for a new feature.

here is my FIRST  original video of the week.

This was taken after Cleo and I had gone for a walk (you will hear my GPS telling me how far we walked and what speed at one point) at Sandy Point. I let her off the lead for a bit of a run, and here is what she did. It’s such an achievement as usually she doesn’t want to go NEAR water, and whenever we are walking on stones, she starts chowing down on them.