See Dog Run

See Dog Run DSC_0069 - Copy DSC_0070 - Copy DSC_0070 DSC_0071 DSC_0072 DSC_0073 DSC_0074I just found this collection of photos on our computer. Just love them! They are from a while back – When we lived down south and Cleo was able to run free in the forest. I miss that freedom!


Yellow Dresses and Sunshine

DSC_0210 DSC_0218 Copy of DSC_0222Good Evening, and Merry Christmas!

It’s been such a long time since my last post, but I have good reason for it! I have a job, and it’s been taking up a bit of time. It’s really good, and has fit into our family routine really well!

So a couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding in Blenheim. And here are some pics of me frolicking and partaking in what the region has to offer.

DSC_0153 DSC_0152 DSC_0156 DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0166 DSC_0154

What I’ve been up to Lately..

Well hi there ūüôā

It’s been a wee while since my last post, and I have been pretty busy as of late – things to do, people to see – all that jazz.

where to start….

looking real professional before the interview…


I have it! After a bit of time trawling for jobs, I finally got an interview and I begin work this week. I will be working approximately 15 hours a week, in residential homes for people with intellectual disabilities. I have met most of the residents already, and they are lovely. I really look forward to starting to form relationships with my co-workers and getting used to the way things are done in the company. I also love fact that I get to continue my music work and they have been really accommodating of my other commitments.

bbq food just about ready to nom.


Last week, my Dad (Pappy) came to visit. I should have taken more photos, really, but I was so flat out I didn’t have time. He was here for 2 nights and we sure got a lot of quality time out of it. We went for a bike ride, played tennis, had a bbq, went out for dinner, ate bakery food, went for a drive, walked on the beach….no wonder I was¬†exhausted the next few days after! We had such a fun time, and I’m glad he is able to come back up for¬†Christmas¬†in a few weeks.


I have had a break from Pilates for the last 2 weeks, and in that time my hip has been playing up (I have some issues with my RHS hip, we think it’s a hangover from the congenital hip displaysia I had when I was born – that I didn’t know I had until last year). I am really looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow, that’s for sure. I have just started the 30 Day Shred programme. Today, will be my 3rd day of level 1. So far, my arms are killing me, especially the inside of my right elbow from all the weights work. I only have 3kg weights here at home, so I think I will have to alternate with something a bit lighter, such as some cans until I get a bit stronger. I thought if I posted that I was doing the programme that I would actually continue with the programme. I have taken some gross “before photos” which I will post when I feel comfortable, so in the meantime here is the least gross one…

modest before photo, post 1st day of 30 DS, 18th November.

Cleo and her ‘auntie’ Ness – my mother in law’s dog. Spending a lot of time with these bitches lately


Apart from myself being in a bit of a crappy mood as of late (probably¬†caused¬†by not being able to eat chocolate and lose weight), things have been pretty good! We seem to go through these ebbs and flows of things being excellent, and then a bit average round these parts. Being a step parent can still be difficult , and having a teenager in the house can be trying at times, but we focus on the positives, and I am pretty darn content with the routine of our lives. Home really is here in Wellington for us. I know we live a bit far out of town, but I love it, and I feel so lucky to have our little – albeit temporary – house on the coast. We also have some exciting news. We are on a waiting list for a puppy! We have been wanting another dog for a while now, and although people tell me just to have a baby, I say now…babies take a bit of time to¬†materialize¬†sometimes, and in the meantime lets have a baby dog!

Dad – to – be of the puppies we are waiting on.


I have had a few things going on in the last few weeks socially – the latest being attending a hens party for my friend Ruth on Saturday. It was a lovely day, with high tea and games. I’m really looking forward to the wedding, and am awaiting a dress I have ordered to wear. I love getting dressed up for special occasions, and have got my shoes sorted already….behold!

These are the shoes that I wore for my wedding ceremony, and I have been dying to have another excuse to wear them. I may have to do a bit of wearing in, though…

Well, so lots and lots of stuff has been going on. It’s been great keeping myself busy – things were getting pretty mundane being stuck in a routine, and now I am sent into a tailspin with all the things that are happening.


Hope you are all well and you have a lovely week!

xx Em.

A lovely day.

On Saturday I  was absolutely thrilled to have my very very good friend in town.

Debbie is my oldest (not saying she is decrepid) friend. We have known each other since we were just 4 years old!! Here she is, looking stunning as my maid of honour at our wedding… Oh and it’s a funny photo as it looks like we are about to pash…

Hah, hubby looking away in disgust….anyway……

Debbie is such a lovely person, and I am SO lucky to call her my friend. She lives over the other side of the world at the moment, so whatever time we do have together is so special. I was very excited to hear she would be briefly in my town over this past weekend. We decided to do something MAJAH together.

After a bit of (A DELICIOUS) brunch we decided to go and get some friendship ink. Neb opted ¬†for a beautiful fantail on her ribs. Ouchies, but SO beautiful. Here is the process (Debbie wouldn’t let me take photos of her expression at the time)

            Getting the outline done looked like it was the most painful part

And the final (fresh) result…

This little guy will lighten up a bit, and more detail will show on the wings. Will have to get Debbie to send me a healed pic to update.¬†Debbie was SUCH a trooper. Ribs are incredibly painful to get tattooed, and wow she was so good and handled it amazingly. an hour or so later and she has a beautiful fantail, or as she is calling him “Pio” (short for Piowakaka, the Maori name for fantail)

So, with the theme of birds, I had been wanting to get a quail tattoo for a long time, and finally came up with an idea. Our tattoo artist Mike was able to weave his magic in to our pieces, and I am more than happy with the result. I decided to get my tattoo on my inner arm, covering a small red rune tattoo I had done years ago.

It was the biggest and longest tattoo session I have had to date. 3 hours trying to stay as still as   possible, all the while getting cramp in my shoulder.

But hey, you know what? It was SO worth it! I am in LOVE with my tattoo.

I have another wee session to go to add some white highlighting to him, but I am SO happy with it. He’s a bit scabby right at this point, but I’m sure he will be ready to flaunt his cute wee quail face sometime soon.

I was so glad to share this experience with Debbie. Now we are two birds of a feather who get to (when fate would have it happen) flock together. Friend love!

Have a wonderful day!

xx Em.


Morning tea at ruth pretty

This gallery contains 18 photos.

This morning my mother in law picked me up in her little car and we travelled down the road to the most wonderful little venue for morning tea scones and coffee. ¬† ¬†¬† Ruth Pretty cooking school is situated in … Continue reading

Friend Days and Dog Days

Thank God that i’m not home totally alone all the time. I always have my big buddy Cleo with me.


Yesterday we went to my friends’ house for morning tea in Wellington. Sitting in the sunshine with Ruth and Sharon was delightful!

We sat out in the sunshine, and Cleo got to have a lie around in the yard.

Then, it’s off to Animates. I love taking Cleo shopping, and she gets lots of pats and attention when she goes there, as well as picking out what treats she likes.

After that, we went to visit Cody and his owners on the coast. Cody is a gorgeous boxer who we will be looking after for 12 weeks while his owners are overseas. This is the second time they have met, and they are still getting to know each other. Cody is super playful, and in no time they were both sprinting around the yard, then they chilled out together! So cute!

The rest of the day was extremely chilled out, that’s for sure. Lots of travelling and chatting and fun takes up a bunch of energy. We had such a lovely day.

Here is to friends, and friendship – human and canine form!

xx Em.

The medieval feast

Okay, so Nic participates in medieval sword fighting. He is a member/trainer of The Company of the Dragon, here in Wellington.
I have never told him not to do it, but I have hardly been supportive of it (Not my bag at all) but on saturday I got over myself and went to their company’s birthday party.
And I got dressed up! Here is some proof.






It was a fun night and I met some really nice people. Some were crazy, but that’s to be expected!

Now that at least I’ve met these people, I could probably do a camp or fare, I’m sure.

And yes, I made nic recreate the cover of the princess bride.
Wesley and buttercup represent!


What a difference a weekend makes

Hi all
Well, I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately to tell you the truth. Life has been getting me down a bit, and I have found old insecurities shaking me up.
Living down at the butt end of the world can be hard, especially with being a social creature such as myself. I miss my friends, and they are scattered all over the world.
Nic doesn’t really like to go out much, and I don’t really have any friends here, but on the odd occasion that something social is happening and I am invited to partake, I am reminded that life isn’t always doom and gloom.
Invercargill is a small place, and that’s not always good. It can be a bit boring, but when you find yourself at the weekend being able to do the things you want to do with friends, then it really don’t matter where you live.
I went to a bar on Friday and ended up catching up with an old school friend and meeting a really lovely couple that we chatted to for hours. honestly, my throat was so sore from talking so much! I felt elated when I got home.
On Saturday the boys and I went for a 2 hour walk in the bush with Cleo. I loved it. I don’t think they did, but at least they were not whinging when we were walking! We came home and played risk for the rest of the day. Relaxing, and fun until I spat the dummy (there is only so many bad rolls a lady can take).
Today, I had the great surprise of an old friend coming over for coffee. She has got to be one of the busiest, creative people that I know, and after chatting with her for a while I feel SO inspired to do something creative. I don’t know what it will be, but I am going to investigate some ideas. I figure I am good at DIY, as long as I stay motivated to complete a task. I also think a makeover in on the cards. perhaps some new ink (I have had some ideas for a while now), although the last time I was tattooed I swore that would be the last time I would endure that kind of pain. It was on my ribs, though, and NEVER again will I get tattooed on my ribs. OW.

So, overall a good weekend. I have had a couple of possible job opportunities in the last few days, so I shall see if I can get something sorted and start taking control of my life.

Looking forward to the week and what opportunities it may bring for me.

Love from the deep south,

xx Em.

A But of a Ketchup

Say the above and you instantly have a NZ accent. Congratulations ūüôā

I’m off sick today, so the couch, my PJ’s and I are getting¬†acquainted.

Things have been really quite splendid lately. We have had a few good times here lately, and I am feeling very loved, very blessed, and very happy. Isn’t that a great feeling! Life is good right at this moment and things are only going to get better.

Things that make me happy right now

Booking accommodation for after our wedding – waiting for important things in the mail – dress fittings and drinking tea with my Grandmother – researching hairstyles – making secret anniversary plans – lovely e mails from friends – talking to my sisters and the building excitement of seeing them soon – finding shoes at discount prices (thank you sale!) – trying out and buying epic toning shoes – getting stuck in to running and whatever other exercise I can get my hands on – making plans for epic travel adventure (canada? UK? Ireland? Iceland!!) – cuddling the horse (dog)…and SO many other things.

Enjoy a beautiful video and song!


xx Em.

Starting a New Routine.

Well term two has begun, and it’s a great time to start a new routine.

Last term at work we did ‘the biggest loser’. Well, actually everyone else piked out on it, and I kept going. In 10 weeks I had lost 4.3kg. I was really happy with that, and it was slow enough that it was not a total shock to the system, and I was able to ‘cheat’ quite often.

I thought this term I would start a new work out regimen and see if I can equal my losses. Basically, I want to lose another 8-10kgs by the wedding (January), so that give me lots of time to do it sensibly.

This is my plan and thoughts as to date:

The puppy needs 20 minutes exercise a day, so I am going to take on the majority of that. Whether it be a relaxing walk or a jog in the park (like we did today), it will be done everyday, rain or sunshine.

I am going to continue to bike to work when I can. The ultimate goal with this is to bike 3 days a week, to and from work. I have done this many weeks already, but sometimes I get a bit lazy with it and get a ride home (especially on Fridays)

I have started playing Netball on Saturdays, so that is a good 40 minute runaround – although my skill level is pretty low, so I am not really getting a great workout yet from this. I guess it will come.

I also really want to utilize the gym at work. It seems crazy for me not to take advantage of having a free gym Рespecially when the weather is bad. I need to get over my fear of being at work by myself, and just stay until I feel like I have done enough. At the moment this is usually a 20 minute run, and using some machines. I really need to make a plan for myself.

I thought also if I post my progress on here once a week it would be a good way to see what I am doing in my day, and how I can use it as a baseline for the following week.

So, this is what I did this week:

Monday – 15 minute walk with Cleo
Tuesday – Bike to and from work (about 14kms all up), Short walk with Cleo
Wednesday – Bike to work
Thursday – Gym at work (20 mins run, sit ups and weight machine for arms)
Friday – Day off
Saturday – 30 minutes netball, short jog to football field after
Sunday – 30 minute jog/walk in the park. Exercise stations used (got up to 13 of 20 stations with Illie and Cleo)

So I guess although I do quite a lot, I am quite relaxed with my food and I do find I eat quite a bit. I guess I just need to refine, and perfect what it is I am doing.

Here ¬†is to reaching goals! I would love to hear anyone’s tips and tricks that you might want to share! I am all for trying new things.

This coming week my goals are:

– Zumba tomorrow night

– biking to school

– doing the fitness track again (want to see how far I can go on my own)

– designing a workout plan for the gym

– lots of walks with my puppy

Here is to a great week!