Busy Busy Busy


The last week has seen me get back into some resemblance of a routine. 

The boys are back at school, so now it’s just me, the animals, and the bub at home. It’s been good to have some space to think, and i’m not nearly as lonely as I thought I would be. 

Every morning I have been going for long walks with the stroller and Cleo. The weather has been epic, and it’s so good to be able to get out without being in pain and walk for a good couple of hours. I absolutely love this town. Great walking tracks, and it’s so peaceful – except for the chirping of the cicadas!

So, I have started working from home again, setting up music lessons. I have 4 students at the moment and I am looking to expand that in to lessons that can go throughout the day with beginner adults. I have even contacted an accountant today to get my ideas in order and to sort out my tax, so that I can focus on what is important and not worry myself with the nitty-gritty.

I have gotten back in to good habits with exercise and eating. I have even lost a couple of kilos, so am feeling a bit better about things there.

bub is doing really well this week. I cracked out the jolly jumper today, and he LOVES it.

All is well in the sunshine. Right I have a student arriving soon! Better get organised.

xx Em


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