The Job Hunt

I’ve had a lot of time to paint my nails…

Since moving up this end of the country, things have been a little quiet for me on the employment side.

I was extremely lucky to complete some wonderful work for a couple of months, but since that contract finished I am only working 2 hours a week.

Not quite enough, eh?

So – I am an active job hunter.

Looking for employment is pretty difficult. I have been searching on and off for about a month or so now, and i’m just getting to that stage where I am a little panicky….

Any jobs out there, Girl?

I was a bit more picky to start with. I have been wanting to set up a private music practice but have not had much success with starting things up. I have very little contact with a potential client base, so I thought I should perhaps look for something with a little more support, or something short term until more work in my chosen field (music therapy) comes up.

Today I have a job interview as a relief teacher aide, and I am really excited about it. Nervous, but good nervous. I know that by doing this it will really help us with our savings and save my sanity! I love being at home, but not every day doing housework!

So, hopefully by the end of the day I have a little more direction!

Fingers Crossed,

xx Em.


One thought on “The Job Hunt

  1. Good luck with the job hunt, i know it sucks!!! I just need an extra 10 hours work then i can get support from the government for my studies, so frustrating when you just cant find it anywhere :P. Keep up the positive attitude something will turn up 😀

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